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Happy New Homeowners: Katie, Sierra, & RJ!

Katie Pekula, homeowner partner #21, and her children RJ (4) and Sierra (6), were thrilled to move into their new home on the west side of Little Falls at the end of March. It has already changed their lives so much.

Katie says, “This home has made a huge impact on myself and my two children Sierra and RJ. For the first time, my four year old son has his own room with his own bed. Before, he shared a bed with me. I thought it was going to be hard to transition him to sleep in his own room. To my surprise, the first night home he slept in his own room and has been ever since. Since moving into our new home, RJ has been having really good days at school. Before, every day was a rough day. His teachers would tell me he wasn't listening or was acting out. My fridge is currently covered in "Proud" notes from RJ's teachers from all of the good days he has been having. Sierra is very proud of her room. Every morning she makes her bed and she keeps it very organized without me having to tell her to. She loves that she has an area to read all of her books. Sierra and RJ enjoy helping me with house chores and picking up the yard. It is such a relief to come home to a clean new home that we all have a space in. We are all the happiest we have been in a long time.”

Katie was gifted a lovely quilt from the Prairie Point Quilters, presented by Mary Fuechtmann, and the kids received quilts made by the students at Children First Christian Preschool.

Spring 2022

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