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Happy New Year from the Tepleys - House 20

As we round out the year and reflect on all of the blessings that we have had this year, we realize that Habitat is a major part of our journey and blessings this year!

We are so very grateful for all that we have accomplished since partnering with habitat. For this we want to give our most sincere thanks! We were able to have many firsts so far in our new home and look so forward to many more. To just simply wake up in a home that is warm always is such a small thing that we didn’t know we were missing on these chilly below zero days.

We also were able to host our first holidays for thanksgiving and Christmas ever and to be able to have Santa visit us at home vs having to have him deliver to other peoples homes that we had to travel to. Our mindsets and our faith have grown through this process and for that we are forever grateful! We are blessed to have Habitat as a part of our journey and we look forward to all the other memories and blessings to come in our new home."

Elly Tepley, December 2021

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