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HFHMC is reaching out to all Morrison County area churches this fall to inform, educate, and encourage congregations to get involved in our common Christian mission. Starting with a VBS Day at the Randall Presbyterian Church in August, we have visited with Community Covenant Church in Upsala, First Lutheran Church in Little Falls, Cushing Baptist Church, and First United Church in Little Falls.

Our three biggest needs are prayers, volunteers, and donations. Participating congregations have been signing 2x4 boards with their prayers, which were then used in the framing of House #22; getting teams together to participate in a Faith Build construction day; and filling up house banks with donations. These little cardboard houses go along with a daily giving calendar that helps generate appreciation for our own homes. For those of us who have always had a safe home, it is easy to take it for granted. You can click here to see the daily calendar.

If you would like to get your church involved, mention the opportunity to your church leadership, and call our office at 320-616-2084. We’d love to come visit and get to know your congregation.


HFHMC was the theme for the Randall Presbyterian Church's

Vacation Bible School held on August 27, 2022.


Pastor Michael opening Vacation Bible School.

As we've visited area churches, the congregants have been writing their prayers for the family of House #22 on boards that we are using in the framing of the house. What a blessing!


Pastor Steve from Community Covenant Church in Upsala. 

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